Plaster Pump, Rotor Stator Pump
  • Variable Speed
  • On-Board Air Compressor
  • Rotor/Stator Pump
  • Pumping Distance of Up to 200 Feet
  • Low Hopper Height for Easy Filling
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The Airplaco SM-78G is a continuous pump used for spraying or pumping pre-blended, lightweight and cementitious products. The SM-78G is designed for fireproofing, underlayments, stucco, manhole relining and E.I.F.S. It features a 2L6 rotor-stator and variable hydraulic flow control allowing the contractor to control the output and pressure of the pump. Contractors agree the SM-78G continuous pump gets the job done; a proven track record of easy startup for new companies, low maintenance on the job and efficient spraying make these pumps a great value.

The online store carries various size material hoses, nozzles, pole guns, couplings and more for the SM-78G continuous pump. Whether you are looking to use the SM-78G for fireproofing, underlayments, stucco, manhole relining or E.I.F.S., we have the parts and accessories you need to perform your job.

Fireproofing Manhole Relining Plaster/Stucco Underlayments Void Fill
Full Specs
Max Output
3 yd3/hr (2.3 m3)
Max Line Pressure
0 to 500 psi (35 bar)
Material Hopper
7 cu ft (197 L)
Material Cylinder
2L6 Rotor/Stator
Outlet Size
2 in. IPT
Max Aggregate
1/8 in. (3 mm)
Max Vertical
50 ft (15 m)
Max Horizontal
200 ft (61 m)
Power Source
14 hp gas
32 x 96 x 36 in. (W x L x H)
Hopper Height
30 in. (76 cm)
710 lb (322 kg)
Material Valve

Disclaimer: Maximum output and pressure cannot be reached simultaneously. Performance will vary depending on the operator, cycle rate, mix design, and placement line.